Frequently Asked Questions

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1) In which format are contact database/leads given? Can it be downloaded in excel format?

We believe in providing our customer with the best use experience and care about the security of your database too.

To comply with this, we have made our database available to you in three formats consisting of excel, word & PPT.


2) Is there the policy of unlimited contact database/leads?

We hold upon an ocean of contact database and can tailor to your specific requirements. There are several payments plans available depending on the number of databases offered. If you want a limitless contact database----

simply choose the appropriate plan and the database will be sent to you in minutes!

3) Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Of course, we provide the ability to navigate over the sort of package that you require.

All that is needed is a one-month advance notice.

This time period is required for us to curate and distribute the data with adjustments as requested by you.

4) Will the duplicated contacts automatically be deleted?

That’s unsaid!

We do not support duplicity, and neither does our contact database. Our software and executives employ both machines and minds to provide you with a diverse and distinctive database.

5) Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, we have provided our users with the facility of subscribing and unsubscribing from the plans at any point of time.

6) How often do you refine your data?

We are well aware that data, once recorded, cannot be utilised indefinitely; rather, it must be refined every 30 days; hence, we ensure that our database is refined frequently,

frequent enough to give you with the finest authenticity.

7) What is unique about your data?

We believe in providing our contact database with

95% Plus accuracy


Quick Turnover time

covering for

all segments including niche segments

8) What if I am not satisfied with the contact database?How does the refund policy work?

Client satisfaction is our priority and therefore we make sure that the database being used is following up with your requirements.

How does it work?
  • Convey us your requirements.
  • We will scrutinize and curate the data accordingly
  • Get the sample data
  • If satisfied, give the order for the whole database.
But once sold, refund cannot be processed

As our nature of business does not allow us to do so. Therefore, for best results always reach out to us with your requirements and queries on [email protected]

9) How accurate is the data? Is it GDPR, CCPA & HIPPI Compliant?

We understand the significance of authenticity in the contact database; therefore, we collect top accuracy data and update it on a regular basis to provide you with

95 percent plus accuracy data.

Furthermore, our client base is spread over various different regions in the world.

As a result, we strive to deliver our services without encountering to any unusual compliance challenges. Therefore, we have adopted the principle of


10) What if I come across incorrect information?

Well, that has just one solution. Ask for the correct one. Steps?

i) Note down the mail id: [email protected]

ii) Drop an email with subject: Incorrect Info in database

iii) Our executives will reach out to you in few minutes of query reach Annnnnnnnnnnd ta-da! You have the updated info.

Got more queries?

Don’t worry. We are just a mail away. Drop it on [email protected]