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Data enrichment and verification

Did you know that a company database may become obsolete in just 30 days? A dirty database might result in a low ROI for your company. To get rid of unnecessary data and losses, data enrichment and verification are essential! It not only helps you to get rid of unnecessary records, but it also provides you more quality time to close transactions.

Our data enrichment procedure enables you to keep accurate and validated data of your future clients. Get up-to-date information as needed and convert your potential consumers into actual customers.

Segmented B2B data

Segmented data assists in categorizing potential customers into categories based on various characteristics and industries. Customer segmentation may help generate better tailored campaigns, which can lead to more upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Believing in segmentation, we have bifurcated our data based on verticals to assist you not only interact with your consumers better but also discover the correct client group to invest your time and money in. Our correctly segmented data, along with advanced filters, allows you to quickly percolate the data and have access to millions of profiles to complete more transactions.

Custom-built strategies with ABM

Account based marketing (ABM) or key account marketing is a type of B2B marketing approach that focuses on identifying and targeting a specific group of accounts based on your company's ideal customer profile (ICP).

Contact N Leads makes it much easier to reach contacts by utilising cutting-edge sales and marketing methods. Our holistically oriented specialists provide you with custom-built campaigns that will exponentially enhance your revenue.

Lead Generation

According to 60% of marketers, lead generation is a key challenge for their company. Obtaining data is difficult, but selecting a good lead from it is much more difficult. Even though there are ways to acquire the proper data, you may wind up wasting a lot of money and effort contacting unqualified prospects.

Our expertise and tactics help you to tap into a 40+ million database to stimulate and capture client interest according to your organisation. Our tailored campaigns assist you in reaching your target consumer at the appropriate moment, allowing you to boost demand generation and expand your sales pipeline.


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